Máy phát sóng AM/FM Instek gsg-120

GSG-120 : Máy phát tín hiệu AM/FM một kênh, 100KHz - 110MHz, thông số cài đặt có thể lưu và sử dụng lại rất dễ dàng

  • Freq Range 100kHz ~ 110MHz
  • Output Level -19 ~+99 dBu
  • All Operations are Controlled by Microprocessor
  • Memory Storage: 10 points in one block (up to 100 continuous points) and 4 output levels
  • Memory Data Copy
  • Back Space key
  • Remote Control

The GSG-Series are FM/AM standard signal generators providing CW, AM, and FM signals from 100kHz to 110MHz with the calibrated output levels from -19dB to 99dB in 1dB step. The intuitive user interface of the GSG-Series enables free combinations of frequency, output level, and modulation. Output settings can be stored and recalled easily; 10 points in one block up to 100 continuous points, with 4 independent output levels. Remote controlling is available with the optional GRC-1201 unit which enhances the memory recall function from a distance. All these superior features of GSG-Series cover most of the applications in receiver manufacturing and maintenance industries.



Range 100kHz ~ 110MHz
Display 6-digit 0.5" LED display
Resolution 100Hz (0.1 ~ 34.999MHz), 1kHz (35 ~ 110MHz)
Accuracy ±5 x 10-5±1count


Range -19dBu ~ +99dBu, 1dBu steps (0dB: 1μV for open end)
Display 2-digit LED display
Resolution 1dB
Attenuator Accuracy 20 ~ 99dBu±1.5dB
19dBu ~ -10dBu±2dB, -11dBu ~ -19dBu±3dB
Spurious -30dB or less
Impedance 50Ω (VSWR<1.2)
Frequency Response ±1.5dB


Post-Detection BW 50Hz ~ 20kHz
FM Component <200Hz
AM Component >50dB


Internal Modulation 400Hz, 1kHz, ±3%
EXT Input Impedance Approx. 10kΩ


Frequency Deviation 0 ~ 100kHz
Display 3-digit LED Display
Meter Accuracy ±10%
Distortion (at 75kHz Deviation) <0.1%, <0.05% (10.7, 65 ~ 110MHz)
EXT MOD. Freq. Response 50Hz ~ 15kHz±1dB (REF 1kHz)
Separation >55dB (GSG-122 Only)
Pilot Frequency 19kHz ± 2Hz (GSG-122 Only)


MOD. Depth 0 ~ 60%
Display 3-digit LED Display
Accuracy ±5%
Distortion (30% AM) <0.5% (0.1 ~ 30MHz)
<1.5% (30 ~ 110MHz)
EXT. Bandwidth 20Hz ~ 10kHz ± 1.5dB(REF 1kHz)
Input Level 3Vp-p± 2%
Preset Function 100sets, Four presetting output levels can be stored
  AC100V/120V 60Hz, 220V/240V±10%, 50/60Hz
  430(W) x 110(H) x 250(D)mm
Approx. 6.5 kg