Máy phát sóng dds Instek sfg-2110

SFG-2110 : Máy phát sóng DDS 10MHz của Instek, phát tín hiệu sin, vuông, tam giác. Có ngõ vào ra điều chế AM/FM. Có các tần số 4MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz

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Based on the Direct Digital Synthesized (DDS) technology and unique FPGA design, the SFG-2000/2100 Series Function Generators are built with exceptionally high performance far exceeding that of any conventional function generators at a very competitive price. Stable output frequency, low distortion, and fine frequency resolution are the most remarkable characteristics of this product series.

The SFG-2000/2100 Series include four members in each family at 4MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz bandwidth(perivd), The SFG-2100 Series have additional functions of Sweep, AM/FM modulation, and External Counter. As a result of the 20ppm stability level and output waveform accuracy, The SFG-2000/2100 Series well fit into a wide variety of applications, such as signal generator for experiment labs, reference signal for PLL (Phase Locked Loop), and calibration and adjustment source for electronic devices.

The SFG-2000/2100 Series provide Sine, Triangle and Square waveforms with DC offset and variable duty cycle at 20ppm frequency stability and accuracy. The low drift rate and -55dBc low sine wave distortion output significantly extend product application range in various market sectors.

The TTL/CMOS output is also available to fulfill various requirements. In addition to the basic functions, The SFG-2100 Series provide advanced functions such as AM/FM modulation, sweep mode, and Built-In Frequency Counter.

Model list
Model Description
SFG-2110 DDS Function Generator - 10MHz w/Ext. counter, sweep, AM/FM
SFG-2104 DDS Function Generator - 4MHz w/Ext. counter, sweep, AM/FM
SFG-2107 DDS Function Generator - 7MHz w/Ext. counter, sweep, AM/FM
SFG-2120 DDS Function Generator - 20MHz w/Ext. counter, sweep, AM/FM