ALP regulated power supply

ALP regulated power supply : Hi performance and efficient Power Supply, All New International Design, Ideal for Educational Institutions and Research Labs, Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation

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Rated Output Voltage
0-30V ( Adjustable )
Rated Output Current
APS3003S-3D: 0-3 A (Dual Channel and Adjustable)
APS3005S-3D: 0-5 A (Dual Channel and Adjustable)
AC Input Voltage
AC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Display Precision
±0.5%rdg + 2digit
Ripple and Noise
Load Stability
≤0.01% + 3mV
Display Resolution
Voltage 0.1V, Current 0.01A
Auxiliary Power Voltage
Auxiliary Power Current
Protection Method
Current-Limited Lower Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection
Working Method
Constant Current and Constant Voltage
Working Method Cooling Mode
Strong wind cooling   
Synchronous error : 0.5% + 10mV (dual channels)
Series Parallel Working Method
series adjustable rate: 300mV   
Ripple and Noise: 2mVrms 5Hz -1MHz