Protek 9216A

Digital LCR meter Protek 9216A is a useful tool to measure a device’s characteristics with various functions. It provides more than 13 orders of magnitude, basic accuracy of 0.05% and 5 test frequencies.

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Measurement Modes AUTO, R+Q, L+Q, C+D, C+R
Equivalent Circuit Series or Parallel
Parameters Displayed Value, Deviation, % Deviation or Bin Number.
Deviation and % deviation are calculated from a stored relative value.
Averaging 2~10 Measurement
Measurement Range R+Q R 0.0001Ω~2000MΩ Q 0.00001~50
L+Q L 0.0001μH~99999H Q 0.00001~50
C+D C 0.0001㎊~99999㎌ D 0.00001~10
C+R C 0.0001㎊~99999㎌ R 0.00001~99999kΩ
Test Frequency 100㎐, 120㎐, 1㎑, 10㎐, 100㎐
Frequency accuracy ±100ppm
Drive Voltage 0.1V, 0.25V, 1Vrms
Drive levels accuracy ±2%
Measurement Rate Slow, Medium, Fast: 2, 10 or 20
measurements per second at test frequencies of 1KHz and above 0.6, 2.4, or 6 measurements per second at 100z and 120Hz.
Ranging Auto or Manual
Triggering Through External Trigger, Continuous, Manual or Remote over Rs232, GPIB or Handler Interface
Bias Voltage Internal → 2.0 VDC±2% External → 0~+40 VDC (fused @ 0.25A)
Conditions At least 30 minuts warm up, 23℃±5℃
Basic Accuracy 0.05%